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Distribution and usage of electricity is becoming more complex. New types of decentralized generators as PV-systems, uCHP, windturbines are one aspect of this increasing complexity. Other issues are new applications as heat pumps, electric cars and new light technology. Besides these new innovative applications there is also an increase in “intelligence” in the networks and installations. This, combined with the problems around the quality of voltage and current, makes the design of networks and installations more complex.

There is an interaction between the three main topics: sustainable energy, Power Quality and the design of networks and installations. Installations and networks, with their own design aspects, need to integrate the other aspects as well, taken into account their interaction and complexity. This will result in new challenges and also new opportunities!

CO-Education has a lot of knowledge, especially in these three main topics. We can advize you in innovative projects about decentralized generation, design of low and medium voltage networks, design of installations and issues around Power Quality. On the long term it is nevertheless even better to gather this knowlegde your self. CO-Education could give practical courses regarding the mentioned topcis. Send us a e-mail and we can inform you about the possibilities!