Power Quality

Power Quality is not yet a topic taken into consideration on the moment that an installation or network is designed. A lot of problems with voltage dips, harmonics, transients, inrushcurrents or other power quality phenomena could be avoided when already in the design phase these aspects are analyzed.  However, it seems that there is a lack of knowlegde in this field what could be seen as a problem, a challenge or an uppertunity.

By following courses, reading books or learning from own practice the knowlegde needed for a proper design of installations or networks could be gathered. Also for monitoring the quality of voltage and current there is a market, which could give new possibilities for new products to sell. Also a lot of industrial clients will have a need for more knowlegde in this field of Power Quality.

CO-Education organizes courses in the field of Power Quality. Courses are given by Prof. dr. ir. J.F.G. Cobben, parttime proffessor Power Quality at the University of Technology Eindhoven. You want more information? Just send a e-mail message!

More information about the book “Power Quality, Problems and Solutions”? Go to: Buy the book!