Power Quality – Problems and solutions

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Product Description

By designing an installation, power quality aspects are mostly not taken into account. This is one of the most important reasons that there is an increase in Power Quality problems, resulting in avoidable costs. By designing an installation also considering the quality of voltage and current, immunity and emission of devices and network impedances, malfunction of devices, overloading of components and unnecessary interruptions of processes can be avoided.

In this book, a separate chapter is describing the possible costs involved with the several power quality phenomena. For all the phenomena the theoretical background is explained and the possible problems are described. Also the sources of problems are mentioned and the possible solutions. In each chapter several practical cases are described, where problems are measured, analyzed and solved, also including the cost of the problem and the mitigation. This book is made for designers of installations or the supply network, manufacturers of devices, consultants, electrical engineers and all people involved with the supply of electrical energy.

The following topics are part of the content:

  • Responsibilities Power Quality
  • Costs involved with Power Quality problems
  • Process interruptions due to voltage dips
  • Overloading and reducing life time due to harmonics
  • Loss of current capacity due to unbalance or harmonics
  • Malfunctioning of devices and installations due to poor Power Quality
  • Problems with flicker due to current variations
  • Power Quality monitoring

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